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Housewife Assassin's Gambit: Podcasts

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The creation of every novel is a journey.

I have a tremendous amount of fun writing the Housewife Assassin series. I hope it shows!

Each book starts with a "what if?..."

Usually, the question comes from something I've read that concerns our country's intelligence community.

​In the latest book, Gambit, the stakes are very high indeed! A rogue terrorist who calls himself "the Black King" has put together auctions of ten countries' digital directories of spies and assets.

Should the directories fall into the hands of an enemy, it would mean the deaths of those participating in overseas espionage in service of their country—

Including Donna, Jack, and all of Acme.

So, yes, there is a lot at stake.

Those countries participating must send the representative requested by the Black King to the far-flung locales chosen for each auction. As with all of the Housewife Assassin novels, Donna, Jack, and their team must outwit their targets: in this case, other covert operatives, also sent to bid on the directories: some of whom are Donna's fiercest enemies.

Then Donna must deal with the Black King, who views her as a pawn in an even bigger game of Capture the Queen.

As with other books in the series, not everyone is who or how they appear.

To say that the boundaries Donna and Jack must cross to accomplish these missions—both geographically and emotionally—tests their love and trust is an understatement.

To celebrate the launch of Gambit, every Tuesday in June of 2023—four in all—I'll launch a different podcast episode that does a deep dive into the process that went into creating the book.


  • No purchases are necessary.

  • Listen to one or more of the four podcast episodes that launch every Tuesday between now and when the book launches on June 30, 2023.

  • During each episode, I'll ask a question. Each episode's question will be posted here as well.

  • If you know the answer (it will be something I've mentioned in that particular podcast) just click the button below to go to the answer form.

  • Only correct answers will be included in the contest.

  • Each correct answer counts only once.

  • To answer a different question, click the "ENTER HERE" button again.

  • The more questions you answer, the more shots you get at the gift card!

  • The winning entries will be tallied after midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, September 17, 2023. The winner will be announced here and in my newsletter as well. 

Below are the links to each podcast, as well as an accompanying question:

Tuesday, June 6: Episode 1
"Evil Is as Evil Does"



Listen, then answer this question:

Name one of the three variables at play in GAMBIT’S OPENING CAPER  that Donna and her team aren’t aware of now but will pick up on later.


Tuesday, June 13: Episode 2

"Honeypot Do List/ Honeypot Don't List"




Listen, then answer this question:

How many auctions are taking place?



Tuesday, June 20: Episode 3
"Love Triangles"




Listen, then answer this question:

When discussing all the love triangles in GAMBIT,
what TV show does Abu compare Acme to?

Tuesday, June 27: Episode 4

"Donna: As a Pawn and As a Queen"

Listen, then answer this question:

How many entities are using Donna as a pawn?



And If You haven't Done THIS, Do It Now...




GOOD LUCK! — Josie

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