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Excerpt - The Housewife Assassin's Garden of Deadly Delights

Those who are members of the Facebook Group, Bookish Road Trip, are welcomed to enter this contest for a chanceto win:

- 1 digital copy of Book 10 of the Housewife Assassin Series, Garden of Deadly Delights.

- And, as a bonus, you'll also win a digital copy of The Housewife Assassin's Killer 2-Book Set.

To enter, you must:

1: Read the excerpt from the book, below.

2: Then, CORRECTLY answer this question:

What type of motorcycle does Donna end up on?

3: Email your answer to me at . SUBJECT: BRT Chinatown Contest, and include your first name and last name's initial.

5: I have to receive your answer no later than 6pm ET / 3pm PT on Wednewsday, March 24, 2021.

4: All correct answers will be entered. If so, you'll see your name/initial below. Good luck! —Josie


Fresh cut, manicured lawns. A rainbow’s hue of blooms. From the lushest tree to the thickest bush, every inch of a housewife’s garden is scrutinized by her neighbors.

To ensure that others stare at it in awe (as opposed to glare at it in horror), follow these helpful hints:

Hint #1: Nurture your plants. Know their growth patterns, and their need for sun, water, and soil type—in the same way you know the life story, habits, and predilections of your targets. It’s the only way to ensure you control their fates.