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I read from Extracurricular

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I had the honor of reading from the first novel in my Extracurricular trilogy on Bookish Road Trip's first "Author Book Tasting."

Each author was only supposed to read for two minutes. Most of my scenes are longer, especially at the beginning of the book. But my personal criteria wasn't that the read just be short. It also had to get to the meat of the story: the unrequited lust between a wannabe author-slash-must-pay-the-rent teacher, Egan Gable, and a soon-to-be-graduating senior, Audrey Thorpe, at the fictional San Francisco-based private high school, Ashbury Academy.

Three years later, Egan memorializes that magical, hilarious year of cross-purposes in his bestselling novel. Audrey, now in college, attends a campus reading/signing fundraising event, where Egan is featured. Because she has heard that the book is a roman-a-clef of his year at Ashbury, she's concerned that she may be featured in the book.

You'll have to watch to see if she's right. Click here, below...


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