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I talk about the Plot and Process behind my Housewife Assassin's Handbook novels

I've been wearing glasses since the second grade, so you'd think I'd be less vain about them. Had I done so while being interviewed by Bookish Road Trip's Meredith Stoddard about my writing process, I probably would have noticed that only half of my face was appearing on this wonderful reader-writer-traveler Facebook and Instagram group's feeds during our enjoyable conversation about how I go about finding my plot ideas, and my process for writing—from the inkling of a premise, to outlining a full story, and then how my deep dive into research plays such a big part in what ends up on the page.

Not only that, it wasn't the half of my face that was actually talking. (Yep, I'm slapping my forehead just thinking about this. AGGGGGH!)

But because I so loved where Meredith took the conversation, I hope you'll listen to it here.

And because Meredith also happens to be a fan of Pride and Prejudice, she actually found on my website the information about the musical I wrote about Jane Austen's beloved book, with my award-winning composing partner, Rita Abrams. you can hear the songs here.



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