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In some years, you have to look back in order to move forward.

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

And, dear friends, this year—2021—is not one of those times.

Everything in our lives has to be about what is ahead for us.

We can hit the reset button. We can start fresh. We can realize a better tomorrow than what we had yesterday.

Heck, it'll certainly be better than what we had last year.

Martin and I have circled the Earth enough times to know that there will always be great years and lousy ones. Granted, this one was a doozy. Too many jobs lost. And, sadly, too many lives lost.

My goal: Be a busy bee—but WITHOUT the beehive hair-do like those quick and determined ladies, below.

I've already started. I've got some new projects on the way: both print and audio. I'll be sure to tweak you here when they launch.

I've also got a podcast I just know you'll enjoy: I interviewed thriller writer Daniel Pyne on his latest book, Water Memory. Trust me, you'll learn a lot–not just about his Black Ops protagonist, Aubrey Sentro, but about Daniel's writing process. Truly inspiring!

: By the way, I'm running a contest for a copy of Daniel's book, so do go to this link below

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