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Join Me! Reading/Signing of 10 Mystery Authors at Books Inc. Chestnut Street, San Francisco

I'm VERY excited to read—and, of course, to sign—with other authors who are an integral part of my community here in Northern California: Sisters in Crime NorCal.

We'll be signing at Books inc. on 2251 Chestnut Street in San Francisco's Marina District. If you're in the neighborhood, I hope you'll join us. I can guarantee it will be fun!

I'll be reading from and signing copies of The Housewife Assassin's Antisocial Media Tips (#21). I'll also have copies of other Housewife Assassin novels.

If you can't make it physically, consider joining us virtually. Just click this button for a free event ticket:


Josie Brown / The Housewife Assassin's Antisocial Media Tips

Housewife Assassin Donna Craig, mission Leader Jack, and the rest of the Acme team must infiltrate a live-streaming social media junket as fake-famous overnight sensations in order to expose who among several very popular influencers is passing U.S. state secrets to foreign agents—and before it becomes ground zero for a terrorist attack.

MM Chouinard / What They Saw

When Sandra Ashville is found murdered in a sleepy town near Oakhurst, Detective Jo Fournier is first at the scene. Jo is shaken by the similarities between herself and the dead assistant District Attorney, a dedicated woman with a heart for justice. And as she examines Sandra’s body, Jo discovers something that chills her to the bone: the bullet hole is covered by an intact blindfold. Why was Sandra only blindfolded after her death?

Gayle Fayrer (as Yves Frey) / Bitter Draughts

Paris 1898—the fin de siècle, a turbulent era when passions run as high as prejudice. In the midst of the infamous Dreyfus Affair, as anti-Semitic riots erupt all over Paris, Inspecteur Michel Devaux has a baffling murder to solve. Is it a crime of politics or a crime of passion? As death follows death, Devaux traces their tangled threads from the privileged classes to the seamy Paris underworld. Help comes from unlikely sources: a crime lord, a clairvoyant, a crazy woman who feeds the cemetery cats, and an old friend from the Foreign Legion. Devaux’s calm harbor amid chaos is his friendship with the talented, beautiful American artist, Theodora Faraday. But as he struggles with his own horrific past, Devaux is reluctant to accept her help—because he's falling in love with her.

Vinnie Hansen / One Gun

How much havoc can one gun wreak? When Vivi and Ben Russo startle a burglar in their home, the young man flees. Ben gives chase. The thief pulls a weapon, aims it at his heart, and threatens to kill him. He doesn’t squeeze the trigger.

The burglar is later arrested, but not before he hides the gun. Facing a possible weapons charge that could add ten years to his sentence, he enlists outside cohorts to pick up his stash. His plan comes at a price that escalates toward personal tragedy. But two tweeners stumble upon the gun first.

Ana Manwaring / Coyote Nothing Comes After Z

Ana Manwaring is the award-winning author of the JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventures: SET UP, THE HYDRA EFFECT, and NOTHING COMES AFTER Z and COYOTE. NOTHING COMES AFTER Z was just awarded the Silver award from Literary Titan. Her memoir of living in Mexico, SAINTS AND SKELETONS, will release in the spring of 2023. Ana edits with JAM Manuscript Consulting and is a veteran Sisters in Crime NorCal board member. When she’s not writing suspense thrillers, she produces the North Bay Poetics, a monthly poetry event, and teaches creative writing in Wine Country, CA. Read about her experiences in Mexico and find reviews of favorite authors and more at

Catroina McPherson / In Place of Fear

Edinburgh, 1948. Helen Crowther leaves a crowded tenement home for her very own office in a doctor's surgery. Upstart, ungrateful, out of your depth - the words of disapproval come at her from everywhere but she's determined to take her chance and play her part. She's barely begun when she stumbles over a murder and learns that, in this most respectable of cities, no one will fight for justice at the risk of scandal. As Helen resolves to find a killer, she's propelled into a darker world than she knew existed, hardscrabble as her own can be. Disapproval is the least of her worries now.

Stephen M. Murphy / Abiding Conviction

Dutch Francis is a defense attorney in the case of a judge accused of killing his wife. Just as the trial is about to begin, Ginnie Turner, Dutch's wife, and TV news broadcaster goes missing. Under extreme duress, Dutch tries to extricate himself as the judge's attorney—or at least postpone the trial. The judge insists the trial proceed without delay and that Dutch remain his attorney. Exhausted by the murder trial, Dutch confronts an ineffectual police department, suspicious that he is involved in his wife's disappearance. He takes matters into his own hands as he struggles to balance both responsibilities—the trial and finding his wife—pushing him to the brink of losing everything he holds dear. At first Dutch suspects that Ginnie was kidnapped in retaliation for her recent stories about sex scandals. But after receiving bits of her in the mail—fingernails, hair—he realizes the kidnapper's intent may be to punish him. Could his defense of the judge be the reason?

Amy Peele / Hold

Sarah Golden and Jackie Larsen promised their partners they were out of the detective business. They declared “game over” after both of them almost lost their lives trying to solve their last medical mystery, and they’re happy with that decision: Sarah has finally allowed love and romance into her life, Jackie’s marriage is solid, and Jackie’s son, Wyatt, is still doing great with his year-old kidney transplant. So when they go on their dream trip to Cuba, they are not looking for trouble. But all their plans go out the window when a desperate plea from a Cuban transplant surgeon puts the duo in serious danger with the Cuban government on the same day the four most prominent immunologists in the world—doctors who were on the verge of solving the huge rejection issues that have plagued the transplant community for over fifty years—are killed in a car accident in Chicago.Soon, Sarah and Jackie find themselves dragged into the bowels of investigating venture capitalists and corporate greed

Lisa Towles / The Ridders

Young PI BJ Janoff is randomly approached by a stranger with a proposition he can’t refuse – a million dollars to deliver an envelope to a hotel lobby. The pusher forces him to accept the money upfront and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t deliver the envelope in three days. BJ’s growing obsession with why the envelope’s contents would be worth that much leads him down a treacherous road toward the orchestrators of the game, where he discovers a large-scale political controversy, a treasure hunt for a priceless sword, and a global crime ring linked to a WWII-era secret society. When an act of brilliance changes the balance of power, the safety of everyone he loves is in jeopardy. And the more he digs, the closer he comes to truths he can’t bear to face – about his missing father and the elusive Bilderberg Group.

Terry Shames / Murder at the Jubilee Rally

With the annual Jubilee Motorcycle Rally approaching, Jarrett Creek residents are divided. Some despise the rowdy, unsavory behavior of the bikers, but they bring welcome money to local merchants. What's to be done?

At a town meeting to find a solution, temperatures flare as Amber Johnson and Lily Deverell - family women on opposing sides of the debate - throw accusations at each other. Attempting to appease both camps, Chief of Police Samuel Craddock enacts a curfew to dissuade late-night revelers. Nevertheless, trouble strikes. With the rally in full swing, Amber is found murdered at the event. Why did Amber leave her home that night? What secrets was she hiding from her family?

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