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The Candidate: Excerpt

Happy Ground Hog Day!

To celebrate the fact that here in sunny San Francisco there is no snow on the ground let alone any critters looking like groundhogs, I'm joining many other authors in giving away books—in my case, a copy of my political thriller, THE CANDIDATE—as part of the Facebook Group Bookish Road Trip's Groundhog Giveaway Contest.

Click here to go to the contest:

Good luck! —Josie

THE CANDIDATE (Political Thriller)

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December 31st

It was an unseasonably warm New Year’s Eve, and the throbbing mass of partygoers centered around the fountain at the Bellagio was for the most part feeling no pain.

One, in particular, was especially numb. His captors had made sure of it, doping him up with a cocktail of drugs—a potent mix of zombie cucumber, scopolamine, and some botulism thrown in for good measure—that left him too paralyzed to move, to speak, to cry, let alone to shout out to the crowd that he was, quite literally, a ticking time bomb.