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Totlandia - Book 1 Excerpt

For those readers who are members of Facebook's Bookish Road Trip Group, I welcome you to read the excerpt here of Totlandia, Book 1 - Fall / The Onesies, to enter my contest for a digital copy of the Totlandia 4-Book Set.


1: Read the excerpt here.

2: Then CORRECTLY answer this question: What is the name of Piper's mother?

3: Email your answer to me at . SUBJECT: BRT Palace Contest, and include your first name and last name's initial.

5: I have to receive your answer no later than 6pm ET / 3pm PT on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

4: All correct answers will be entered. If so, you'll see your name/initial below.


Labor Day

Monday, 3 September

10:37 a.m.

Since the very first moment she had laid eyes on him, Lorna Connaught had loved Dante with a hot fierceness that both excited and shamed her.

The excitement came from the knowledge that, from then until the day she died, he would always be hers. Her shame came from the realization that she’d never felt such an achingly deep love like that before.

Not even for her husband, Matthew.

And yet, if it hadn’t been for Matt, Dante wouldn’t be in her life now.