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Watch my video for THE CANDIDATE

I had a blast making this teaser video for my political thriller, THE CANDIDATE.

And just in time for the big Labor Day weekend, you can download it at all your favorite bookstores for only $4.99.

Seduction and intrigue are rampant on the campaign trail when a political campaign adviser discovers that Washington's power broker elite has embroiled his presidential candidate in a plot involving an act of terrorism on US soil.

Democratic political campaign consultant Ben Brinker can’t remember the last time he was excited by a candidate’s vision. He feels he’s lost his way, both emotionally and professionally. Worst yet, his show-me-the-money policy seems to have finally caught up with him. In no time at all the political pundits are calling Ben a "candidate cooler."

Now Ben is desperate for any campaign gig he can get. As luck would have it, Andrew Harris Mansfield, the charismatic junior senator from North Carolina and former Marine pilot, asks Ben if he wants to run his soon-to-be-announced campaign for president.

Little does Ben know what's in store for Andrew, or their country. Nor does he realize that the key to saving both have been placed in his hands.

Perfect for Readers Who Love These Types of Thriller and Mystery Books:

Political Thrillers - Financial Thrillers - Erotic Thrillers - Pulp Thrillers - Assassination Thrillers - EspionageThrillers - Conspiracy Thrillers - Romantic Mystery Books - Conspiracy Thrillers- Action Adventure - Romantic Suspense Novels

"Fast-paced, and full of twists. If you’re looking for a great story that blends suspense, political corruption, and romance, look no further than THE CANDIDATE." — Gail Chianese, author, A Navy Homecoming

"A juicy book. Full of political intrigue, hot sex, and high-stakes action. I stayed up late into the night determined to discover the identity of the puppet master." — Mary Helen Sheriff, author, Boop and Eve's Road Trip


"This could also make another great movie, or better yet a mini TV series. There is no doubt in my mind this is an extremely easy rating of 5 stars." “Josie captured my attention with this story from the very beginning. I got mad at myself because I had to put this book down to sleep at night. I wanted to finish it all - without taking a break!” “You won’t be disappointed. Fast-paced with lots of unexpected plot twists. Thoroughly enjoyable!” “An assassination thriller you won’t put down.” “Exciting plot, couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next! So many surprises, a real page-turner. Another great pulp thriller read from Josie Brown.” "An action-packed, thrilling story, I found it very easy to read and it kept me interested all the way through." "This story held my attention all the way to the end. Riveting. It brought out the dirty business of politics and Washington insiders. One of the best political thrillers." “Josie Brown never disappoints! This story keeps you guessing!” “A thoroughly enjoyable read! The details were exceptional and the story: convincing, fast-paced and exciting. The twists and turns kept me from putting it down. I loved the heroine and eventually the hero as well. I can't wait to read more from this author!” “Mystery, love, suspense, and action all in one. I can’t wait to read more.” “I like all of Josie Brown's books. She writes with great skill, and her storylines vary greatly. She's always a good read.” "This was a fun read with some twists to keep you guessing. “

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